September 4, 2005


        Finding an inexpensive hotel that fits my needs has proven to be a challenge on this trip, more so than past journeys I have taken.

        It seems like with everything, the price has risen sharply and so when I find a place that I like I tend to want to stay for a bit.

        I reached Lexington Kentucky on Saturday and decided to stay another day.

        Two-day stops for me are rare and since I didn’t have to be back to Washington D.C. until Tuesday, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity.

        The hotel had a pool, so I was able to swim and the little bit of exercise felt good. Sitting on the bike all day and eating diner food don’t exactly work well together so it was nice to be able to burn a few calories.

        Most of my professional writing has been in sports and it is a tag that I have tried to shy away from. I don’t consider myself a sportswriter. I am a writer who happens to write about sports, among other subjects.

        When I am not working I don’t usually watch sports. I take a passing interest in them, but I am definitely not a fanatic like many of the people that work in the business.

        College sports, however, have always been a fondness of mine and the University of Kentucky was hosting Louisville in football on Sunday.

        It was about three miles from my hotel so I got on the motorcycle and headed to the stadium. Going to Long Beach State, I never had a college experience like I was expecting, especially when it came to sports. It was nice to see 60,000 people come out to watch a football game and be so excited to do so. I bought a ticket for $40 and walked inside, snuck down to the front row at halftime and got to see a great game.
        It was a great diversion, especially since I knew I had to be heading back to D.C. for some unpleasant business. It was going to make the ride back there much easier.