August 12, 2005

Start: Sheridan, Wyoming
End: Sturgis, South Dakota
Miles traveled: 218 mil
Route taken: Interstate 90 through to
South Dakota, exit at Sturgis.


        The itch to go to the largest biker rally in the world was just too much to resist. I woke up early Thursday morning and got ready as fast as I could.

The day before I bought some new foot pegs, shifter peg and brake pad for the motorcycle. Libertad, truth be told, is a bit vain, and likes to show off whenever possible. The new chrome was just the accoutrements she was looking for and she seemed more anxious than I to leave.

When I started up the motorcycle she growled in anticipation and took off like a shot down the road to get to the freeway.

The interstate was a blur. Towns disappeared as quickly as I came upon them. I made a stop in Gillette to get gas and was at the border of Wyoming/South Dakota before I expected to be. Spearfish was 15 miles from there and Sturgis another 20. I was rumbling down Main Street just after lunch.

The energy is amazing. The town of an approximately 6,000 gets 500,000 bikers during the week and they spend millions of dollars on everything from hotels to food to booze to souvenirs.

The people run the gamut from the suburban couple getting away from the kids for a week to the hardcore biker who brings a sleeping bag and nothing else, sleeping under a tree and wearing the same clothes for seven days.

The rally began in 1938 as a race between two motorcycle groups and has grown from that to the largest week-long party for motorcyclists.

One of the best features of the week are the rides around the Sturgis area. Black Hills, Deadwood, Custer State Park are all fantastic rides with incredible scenery.

All of the major bike builders come, West Coast Choppers, Orange County Choppers, Sims, Arlen Ness, Indian Larry Legacy, they are all here showing off their latest creations.

You could sit and people watch for hours. I took the camera and shot some of the more interesting people. There are four photo galleries. Just click on one of them and enjoy the pictures.

Be warned though, some of the content is adult in nature and might be offensive to those who are repressed.

        I found a couple that was renting rooms in their house and I was lucky enough to get one. It was right across the street from the Broken Spoke Saloon, one of the most famous biker bars in the world. Last night the Kentucky Headhunters played and I enjoyed several adult beverages.

I am paying for it as I type this and am not looking forward to getting on the motorcycle and riding, but I want to get to Chicago by the weekend.

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